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Edge Hill University’s Marketing with Advertising student, Freya Reilly, shares some information, tips and tricks to help settle your nerves about coming to university. Including what support is out there for you.

Starting university can be a wonderful and thrilling experience, but it can also provide its own set of unique obstacles. You might be feeling a bit anxious and unsure on what to expect. This is completely normal and hopefully by the time you have finished reading this blog you will feel much better.

Common worries before starting university

Making friends at uni

The most common worry before starting university is, “am I going to make friends?”

Before starting university, it is very common to feel worried. All my friends from home had gone to different universities so I was worried I wouldn’t make any friends and that I would be lonely. This quickly changed after I found out what accommodation I was in. Everyone in my accommodation block had made a big group chat to find out who was in their flats. I quickly became friends with one of the girls in my flat and we chatted a lot on social media. This made me feel less nervous because I knew somebody at the university, and I knew I would be friends with someone that I lived with.

Find ways to connect

Add yourself to Facebook groups such as Edge Hill freshers. Look out for your subject area Facebook group and connect with others who might be on your course. This way you will know a few familiar faces when you have your first lecture and seminar.

Common worries after starting university

Some common worries after starting university might be grades, finding motivation, or how to manage money and find friends.

Meeting deadlines

I have always been a big procrastinator so I worried a lot about how I would manage the workload of university. I quickly found myself a routine and I would tell myself the deadline to my assignment was the week before it was due in, this stopped me from leaving my assignment until the week before and panicking.

Money worries

There are loads of places around Edge Hill University to get a part time job, there are even job opportunities on campus such as in the coffee bar in The Hub, SUBWAY, Catalyst and more. I currently do a 10-hour shift once a week at a supermarket and I manage to save up some money to do my food shop and socialise.

Meeting new people

Finding friends once you are at university is much easier. Everyone is very open to meet new people and make new friends. Just be yourself and you will attract similar minded people to you. Freshers’ week is a good way to bond with your new flatmates and make some friends in the flats around you too. Asking people you meet what course they do is always a good conversation starter, plus you might find some people on the same course as you.

What support is out there for me?

There can be lots of changes when you go to university. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, there’s plenty of support out there. Make the most of online resources and apps to combat your worries and put your mind at ease.


What support do Edge Hill University offer?

Edge Hill University offers a range of support to current students and prospective students.

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April 14, 2023


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