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The Language Centre is filled with amazing opportunities for you to enhance your language learning skills. As this year’s Foreign Language Conversation Scheme workshops come to an end, we wanted to say a big thank you to all involved.

Last month, the Foreign Language Conversation Scheme workshop team got together for lunch to celebrate. All of our volunteers were awarded reference letters by Eliot Wright, the director of the Language Centre.

“I’ve done German Elementary 1 and 2 since September. I’m a PhD student and GTA at the university. It’s really benefited my confidence and ability to engage in conversation in the language as opposed to just reading and listening. The standard of teaching on both courses has been high and is tailored to a mix of interactive/conversational learning, as well as in class textbook exercises. I’d fully recommend to anyone.”

Luke Watkins – German student learner

The workshops covered a range of languages including:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

Language workshops are open to all our students and staff. From beginner to upper intermediate, there is a class for you. Learning a language is a great way to join a community of new people and make friends along the way.

“Going from being on my own repeating after an audiobook to being sat in a room with other learners and a teacher to explain things was a very welcome change. You’re all there because you want to be and both the teachers I have learnt with created incredibly collaborative learning environments where you really get out what you put in. So thank you to both of them.

The conversational workshops are also fantastic to attend, giving me the chance to practice what I’d been learning as well as pick up other bits of Spanish that won’t appear in any textbooks. I have now done two years of language steps and I fully intend on coming back again for a third. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn another language (in a class of 15 people there are 15 different reasons), it’s a great place to do it with support in the classroom and resources provided to keep the learning going.”

Dylan Smith – Spanish student learner

The Language Lounge

If quiet learning is more your thing, we have you covered. The Language Lounge is a dedicated space to relax and learn with access to resources and support. Complete independent learning at the computer workstations, check out DVDs in a range of languages or read content from newspapers, novels and dictionaries.

The Language Centre is located on the ground floor of the Law and Psychology building.

Law and Psychology building external

Opening hours

Wednesday9am – 4pm
Thursday9am – 12pm
Friday9am – 4pm

April 19, 2023


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