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A white sign that reads 'Polling station' in large black font is placed on the pavement in a street to indicate the polling station location

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Student politics podcast: why you should vote – and how to do it

December 2, 2022

Edge Hill students discuss voting: why you should vote, and how to register.

The Politics Lab gives Edge Hill students a chance to work on real projects in real politics. Students have written briefings for parliamentarians and sent in submissions to parliamentary inquiries. The briefing on British Sign Language helped change the law. Submissions on public transport and on the careers service have been published by parliament. Students are currently working on policy proposals for a member of the House of Lords.

Among this year’s projects is one focusing on the forthcoming West Lancashire by-election. Students are carrying out research and interviews, producing articles and podcasts. They aim to increase understanding of the election, as well as the process, to encourage more young people to vote.

The Politics Lab team from the last academic year so impressed the University that it was awarded a prestigious University scholarship.

A brief guide to voting for the first time

We got a few of the Politics Lab team around the table to discuss the whys and wherefores of voting. Some of the group were new to voting, so they also investigated the process of registering to vote.

Audio version no longer available.

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December 2, 2022


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