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Picture of Ahmad Mohsin looking at the camera

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Prolific Film and Television student aims to improve representation in the arts

November 21, 2022

A multi-talented Edge Hill University student has won an excellence scholarship to support his work on several impressive TV projects aimed at improving representation in TV and film.

Ahmad Mohsin, from Manchester, has worked as a writer, camera operator, editor, sound designer, producer and music composer on a number of productions, both as part of his studies at Edge Hill and in his spare time.

The third-year BA (Hons) Film and Television Production student was delighted when he found out he had won the award from the University. “It felt really good. Just being from a low-income background you kind of automatically don’t have as many opportunities. Edge Hill is really good at providing those opportunities for low-income people, for minorities, for the less abled in the industry.”

Ahmad is also a member of the Royal Television Society (RTS), having won an RTS Bursary Scholarship in 2021 for his innovation and potential within the creative arts industry.

Being from the British South Asian community, Ahmad is keen to use his talents to offer better representation in film and television and recently worked on a short film documenting the experiences of interns on Edge Hill’s new Research Internships for Minority Ethnic Students (RIMES) programme.

“A lot of times movies and films don’t feel like real life, we never see true representations on screen,” he said, “South Asian culture is represented to an extent but it’s not fully mainstream yet.”

However, he is also interested in universal experiences and wants his latest project, a drama depicting a British South Asian teenager who has to take over his father’s convenience shop after he falls ill, to resonate with audiences from all backgrounds.

“The conflict between individualism and collectivism is very interesting to me,” he said, “I think all those different ideas everyone can empathise with. Taking these ideas from real life and keeping them grounded and keeping them authentic and being able to represent that to audiences who have probably never seen anything like it before, that’s the subject matter I’m aiming at.”

He has also benefited from the expertise and connections of his lecturers: “A lot of the lecturers actually have really good connections in the industry, there’s a lot of great opportunities to be had just from being on the course.”

On beginning a career in the media, Ahmad’s advice is: “Don’t put yourself into a box and don’t try and define yourself by any one specific role, because there are so many situations where you might need to take on more than you were expected to. Once you’ve experienced everything, that’s when you find out what you’re the best at and what you enjoy the most.”

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November 21, 2022


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