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Edge Hill University awards scholarship to budding conservationist

November 1, 2022

An environmental advocate from Edge Hill University has been awarded a scholarship for her commitment to conservation.

A picture of Haidee digging holes for plants. She is using a shovel and wearing a green high vis jacket.

Haidee Bailey, aged 20 from Preston, is following her passion for conservation and fighting climate change by studying BSc (Hons) Ecology and Conservation at Edge Hill, but before even starting her studies she already has plenty of experience.

Haidee was one of the first members of the Youth Council at the Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, an international organisation that has created the first youth-funded nature reserve in Ecuador. Also, she has been working with a team of volunteers to protect the Fylde Sand Dunes, an ecologically important but threatened area of the North West coast near where she lives. 

Haidee said: “I think it’s important to protect the environment and these unique habitats for the plants, animals and people that live there. I used to feel worried about climate change but taking proper action has helped me to feel more positive about the future. The reality is that we all need to play our part in protecting the environment or it will deteriorate even further.”

In her volunteering role, she has also helped to fundraise by organising a Run for the Rainforest, a Frog Naming Competition and a Concert for Conservation.

Discussing her three years volunteering for Reserva, Haidee said: “I’ve been working with Reserva from the beginning and played a part in building the organisation. We work to preserve an area of the rainforest, creating a reserve for plants and animals and fundraising to look after that area. Over the years I have had the opportunity to organise major events, contribute to how Reserve operates and give talks on their behalf about the work they do.”

Reserva Founder and Executive Director Callie Broaddus said: “I have known Haidee since she was 16 years old, when she emailed me in response to the very first public post we ever made. Haidee’s extraordinary commitment to our mission is complimented by her amiable personality, contributions to meetings and sheer stick-to-itiveness.”

To protect the Fylde Sand Dunes, Haidee has been getting her hands dirty, digging ponds, planting grasses and removing invasive species on the dunes to protect against erosion.

She said: “In Fylde we have made a real difference by taking practical steps to improve the area. We are protecting this very unique and important area of the coast that hosts many species of plants and animals.”

A picture of the Fylde Sand Dunes.

To support her conservation work and help with her studies Edge Hill has awarded her an Excellence Entrance Scholarship.

Haidee said: “I was really surprised, and I didn’t expect to get the scholarship at all. I’ll use the money to fund my travel when volunteering which will help me to continue doing all these projects.”

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November 1, 2022


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