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Options with a degree in Computer Science

Find out what you can do with a degree in Computer Science. Get inspired, explore opportunities and hear what our recent graduates have gone on to do after their studies.

Job titles vary in this sector so read job descriptions fully not just the title. For example, a Systems Developer can also be known as a Software Engineer.

A student uses a computer.

Interactive Entertainment

Jobs include Games Developer and Quality Assurance Specialist – a big industry (gaming, betting and more). You could be involved in designing or testing a games app, animation or writing code to create a special effect.

Technical Support/Advice

Jobs include IT Consultant,Network Engineer , Helpdesk and End-User Support – these roles involve providing advice to clients about technology, software, hardware and processes. You might work freelance or be directly employed and would talk users through processes, install software, design/implement networks and advise about the use of packages such as MS Office

Person typing on a laptop
A computer screen displaying HTML coding software

Web Development

Jobs include Web Developer , Web Designer, User Experience Designer ,Mobile Apps Developer – designing and developing websites using the latest coding and programming languages and ensuring they can be viewed on a range of screens. Some roles will require a creative flair for visual design.

Online Marketing

You could be a Social Media Manager, Pay Per Click Executive, Content Manager or Search Engine Optimisation Specialist. This is a huge sector in the digital industry and involves raising a company’s online visibility and managing their brand including via social media, blogging and online advertising.

A laptop screen displaying business analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Jobs include Insights Analyst or Data Analyst – these roles involve analysing data about customer buying patterns, behaviour and activity on websites, identifying popular pages or measuring the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. Some roles are purely concerned with online data (such as Insights) whereas other business intelligence roles consider all data relating to the business, not just online

Cyber Security

Jobs include Penetration Tester and Security Analyst – you could be setting up layers of security such as firewalls to protect information or attempting to breach a new system. You might work for a security organisation such as GCHQ, advising on cyber security issues.

A close up of a laptop that is half shut. The screen and keyboard are lowly light against the background of a dark room
Two web developers working at their computers in an office.

Systems Development

Job titles include Systems Developer , Systems Analyst Project Manager , Information Systems Manager and Database Administrator. You might design, configure and maintain a database or create a web-based system/application.

The current situation

Careers in IT and Computing are diverse. Some have a large technical element such as software development and systems analysis. Others have a greater business emphasis, for example project management, quality assurance and client relationship management. Some roles are creative, often requiring an interest in social media and marketing.

263 types of IT jobs have been defined in the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). IT professionals are used for tasks as diverse as positioning cargo on ships, measuring patients’ heartbeats at hospitals, controlling lifts and ordering stock in supermarkets.

Employers include digital giants (IBM, Google, Microsoft etc.), financial services, retail, telecommunications (such as BT), public sector (such as the NHS), manufacturing (including GlaxoSmithKline) and games development companies. Jobs are available from large to very small organisations across every sector.

It is expected that future growth areas in the industry will include Big Data, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Cyber Security.

Skills for the industry

Key information

Graduate success

Recent graduates have secured employment with larger organisations such as ROQ, Wincanton JD Sports, Home Office, Bet 365, Jaguar Land Rover.

A group of people wearing graduation cap and gowns are jumping in the air.

Job titles include:

  • Trainee Teacher
  • Software Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Contracts Analyst
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Code Integrity Analyst
  • Data Penetration Tester
  • Army Officer

See what our graduates have to say

Although gaining a good technical ability from my degree was very important, additional work experience and involvement in extracurricular activities were crucial as an area of discussion during every employment assessment opportunity I was invited to.”

“I’d highly recommend any student studying an IT/Computing degree course should gain work experience as early as possible in order to boost employability prospects and to realise the differences between learning and working environments.

Edge Hill graduate employed at Barclays on their Graduate Technology Scheme

Explore your options

Approximately 70% of graduate vacancies are aimed at graduates of any degree subject.

You can therefore use your degree to enter a wide range of sectors including:

  • Accountancy and Finance.
  • Teaching (school, college, adult education and university)
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Legal Service Professions.
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Retail and Sales.
  • Leisure, Sport and Tourism
  • Hospitality and Events Management

Some will require experience or further study. You can explore these career ideas further on Prospects.

Industry vacancies

The listing of the following sites do not constitute any implied endorsement of the vacancies which may be advertised on them, an organisation, its website, its sponsor, its products or its services, nor should any views expressed by that organisation, partners or website, be taken to reflect the views of Edge Hill University.

July 20, 2022