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Release your inner entrepreneur Paresh Wankhade

Professor of Leadership and Management, Paresh Wankhade, tells us what it takes to be an entrepreneur and leader in business and how you can develop these skills on a Business Degree at Edge Hill.

Entrepreneurship is all about ambition and what you want to achieve. Increasingly we need to be entrepreneurial, it’s not only important in the monetary sense, but also in terms of getting the most out of situations – maximising whatever you do.”

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What it takes to be an entrepreneur

1. Passion
2. Confidence
3. Planning
4. Observation
5. Resilience

The important thing is that all these skills can be learned and developed. Some are likely to come to you more naturally than others, but all of them can be worked on, learned and tweaked to maximise your potential.

Developing entrepreneurial skills on your degree

1. Graduate enterprise
2. Employability and work placements
3. Team work
4. Variety of choice

My recommendations and top tips

June 5, 2022