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Supporting students How to support the transition to university

Seeing your student go off to university is an important step for you, as well as them. You may experience mixed emotions and students can experience similar feelings as they settle into their new home, make new friends and find their feet with a new way of life.

Here are our top five tips for how can you help your student to have a positive first month at University:

1. Get involved

Advise your student to get as involved as they can, and take advantage of any opportunities that come their way. There will be sports teams to join, clubs and societies to explore and activities organised by the University. The Students’ Union is a great place to start.

An image of two people sat on couches. They are both holding pieces of paper. On a table in front of them are various craft materials.
An image of multiple people stood in a furnished room in one of the accommodation blocks at Edge Hill.

2. It is okay to miss home

If your student is homesick, reassure them that this is totally normal. Lots of other people will feel the same, and it probably won’t last long.

We offer support for anyone who needs it. Students can:

3. Use the campus life team

The Campus Life team is a mix of staff and current students who are an excellent source of information/advice and can help students to settle into their new home on campus.

They can be recognised around campus in their red shirts and can be contacted using the details on their webpages.

An image of the campus life team at Edge Hill.
An image of people using the gym equipment in the on-campus gym at Edge Hill.

4. Stay active

Suggest that your student take part in things they enjoy, and stay active. The Sports Centre is a great place for this, with a full-equipped gym, lots of different exercise classes and a swimming pool.

5. Make a difference

Signing up for voluntary work is an incredibly positive thing to be involved with. Not only that, your student can pick up essential skills that will boost their employability and also make friends along the way.

An image of two people talking at a desk at a careers fair.

May 27, 2022