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Join our education society

The Education Society (EHU Ed Soc) provides you with an opportunity to attend high quality training events that are of interest to you, supports your professional development, and helps you with future employment opportunities.

The National Education Union (NEU) funds the society by paying for the event speakers who charge fees to deliver their training and has been a brilliant support for the society, helping many society members’ knowledge and understanding of crucial educational campaigns grow further. Let’s hear what the president of the society has to say.

At EHU Ed Soc, you can:

  • meet like-minded individuals who are also passionate about education and providing the best for children in the future.
  • understand more about the work that the NEU does, providing opportunities to look into becoming an NEU representative.
  • get to know others interested in education and develop purposeful working relationships that can help support your professional and personal development.
  • discuss opportunities on key education topics and seek advice and support through the society’s own Twitter and Facebook pages (and its own group chat).

As a member, you will:

  • feel empowered because you are able to decide your own direction for professional and personal development, receiving certification of attendance at events.
  • stand out in the workplace. At interviews, society members have impressed with the additional opportunities that being a part of the society has made available to them, and contributed towards them being offered roles in their schools.
  • relish the importance of being part of a group that supports your development, enables you to feel part of a support network and looks out for your wellbeing.

The best things about the society are:

  • the support of EHU and the NEU, which has enabled the society to run high quality training events, delivered by outstanding education professionals, based on members’ interests.
  • the growth of the society – over 900 members in just over two years.
  • the positive and supportive community which have enabled many powerful relationships to form.
  • the society’s clear value of students’ voices.
  • the committee team at EHU Ed Soc. They have made a positive contribution and difference, enabling it to stand out as unique and positive.

The society welcomes new members – it’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain additional experiences alongside your studies.

An image of Freddie Berry, Ed Soc President

“The EHU Ed Soc has really started something at Edge Hill, and will continue to make a significant difference, attracting more students to this fantastic University that’s both a great place to learn and a great place to meet some absolutely wonderful people.”

Freddie Berry, Ed Soc President 2020

May 17, 2022


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