ISR Management Team:

ISR Director: Prof Jo Crotty
ISR Associate Director (External Relations): Dr Victoria Foster
ISR Fellow (Research and External Funding), Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu
ISR Fellow (Research and External Funding), Dr Hannah Andrews
ISR Fellow (Research and External Funding), Dr Melanie Lang
ISR Research & Enterprise Administrator: Danny Harkness

ISR Committees:

  • ISR Strategy Group: The University has established an internal Strategy Group to provide both oversight on the operational practice of the Institute and facilitates cross institutional working where appropriate.
  • ISR Members’ Group: The Members’ Group brings together convenors and members of the different research clusters associated with ISR, alongside the Director, Associate Director and ISR Fellows.
  • ISR External Advisory Group: ISR has an Advisory Board of external members and who have been asked to act as a ‘critical friend’ both to the Institute in particular but to the Edge Hill community of practice as a whole.
  • ISR Annual General Meeting: An annual forum where all University staff are welcome to attend. The focus of the meeting is setting the Institute’s thematic priorities for the year ahead. The Director will offer a review of the year, and ISR members will be given an opportunity to report the key achievements of their relevant centres, groups and networks.

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Strategy Group

Strategy Group

The ISR Strategy Group provides both oversight on the operational practice of the Institute and facilitates cross institutional working where appropriate.  The Director of ISR is an ex-officio member of the University’s Research Committee and reports to the Committee on the work of the Institute on regular basis including the submission of an annual plan which both outlines the forthcoming work of the Institute as well as reflecting on the previous year.

Terms of Reference for the ISR Strategy Group:

  1. To set the strategic objectives for ISR on a four year cycle
  2. To report these to the University Research Committee
  3. To recommend the four year plan to the External Advisory Group
  4. To review the yearly strategic objectives for ISR on an annual basis
  5. To reflect on the progress made annually with the EAG
  6. To receive reports from the Director on the work of ISR
  7. To meet at least twice a year.


  1. Chair: PVC (Research) Professor George Talbot
  2. Secretary: ISR Administrator,  D Harkness
  3. ISR Director: Professor Jo Crotty
  4. FAS Dean (or nominee)
  5. FHSC&M Dean (or nominee)
  6. FoE Associate Dean (Students and External): Dr Helen O’Keeffe (or nominee)
  7. Director of the Research Office
  8. Corporate Communications: Niall Hood 
  9. ISR Associate Director (External Relations & CPD): Dr Victoria Foster
  10. ISR Fellow (Research and External Funding): Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu
  11. ISR Fellow (Research and External Funding): Dr Hannah Andrews
  12. ISR Fellow (Research and External Funding): Dr Melanie Lang

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External Advisory Group

External Advisory Group

The ISR External Advisory Group provides an external reference point for the University to review, reflect and to develop both its strategic objectives and to respond to new developments in both policy formulation as well as implementation. The Advisory Group is drawn from a wide geographical, organisational and professional background and colleagues have been invited to be members on the basis that they are acting as our ‘critical friends’ in this initiative.

Terms of Reference for the ISR Advisory Group are:

  1. To support and promote the strategic aims of the Institute;
  2. To provide advice and guidance to the Steering Group on the economic, social, political and demographic factors which shape public policy;
  3. To act as a critical friend to those leading the operational development and implementation of the Institute;
  4. To stimulate discussion and critical thinking about future developments;
  5. To inform the Work Schedule including the Seminar / Workshop Series;
  6. To meet once a year. 

The ISR External Members:

CHAIR: Dr Katy Goldstraw (Staffordshire University)
Dr Katy Goldstraw is passionate about creative and participatory approaches to learning. Katy specialises in participatory arts-based research methods to include and empower the voices of previously unheard communities within her research.  Katy is a senior lecturer in Health and Social Care at Staffordshire University and works in an independent capacity with the APLE Collective, an anti-poverty collective led by people with lived experience. Katy has worked with members of the voluntary and community sector to co-produce a Sustainable Livelihoods Resource Book. This resource book is a toolkit that VCS organisations can use to facilitate an assets based organisational evaluation. She has worked in Higher Education and the Voluntary Sector throughout her career. A fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the Royal Society of Arts; Katy has published extensively on topics including VCS assets, citizens voice, and anti-poverty participatory approaches.

Jane Brophy, (Former North West MEP).  A former dietitian, Jane Brophy has been a Metropolitan Borough Councillor in Trafford for 19 years, where she is the Liberal Democrat Group Leader.  Until recently, Jane was a Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England, Jane sits on the Committee for Employment and Social Affairs, along with the Delegation for relations with the Federative Republic of Brazil, in the European Parliament.  Jane’s main concerns are: health and social care policies, the implementation of measures to stop climate change.  Learn more about Jane here.

Dr Gideon Calder (Swansea University) Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences. Gideon Calder directs the Social Policy programme at Swansea University, and his main interests lie in the relationship between ideals, values and the reality of contemporary social challenges. He works on the relationship between theories, policy and practice, exploring how each informs the other – and on a grander level, how all of this shapes our understanding of social justice and a fair society. He is author or editor of 10 books, 25 refereed journal articles and over 30 book chapters and similar pieces. He has appeared regularly on BBC TV and radio, and in 2017 helped set up Holi: Co-Productive Inquiry in Wales. Learn more about Gideon here.

Mary Cloake (CEO The Bluecoat Liverpool)

Stuart Dunne (CEO Youthfocus NW) Stuart is Chief Executive Officer at Youthfocus NW. He is an experienced participation officer with a Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) qualification in youth and community work.  Stuart has twenty years’ experience of working with children and young people, with a particular interest in working with young people with additional needs and engaging them in youth participation projects. Stuart is academically and professionally experienced in participation and research delivery with hard to reach groups.  Stuart has an MA in Participatory Action Research and is currently completing an MPhil in Citizenship Education and Identity Construction at Manchester Metropolitan University.  Learn more about Stuart and Youthfocus NW here.

Warren Escadale (CEO, Voluntary Sector North West) Warren has worked for VSNW for the last three years supporting third sector engagement in a broad range of policy agenda having developed direct, targeted contact with over 2,000 groups; the current emphasis is localism, equalities, commissioning and economic development.  In addition to managing VSNW’s research work, he currently contract-manages a number of specialist regional third sector networks: environment, volunteering, employment & skills, children & young people, and equalities. In the past he was seconded into Government Office to advise on LAA negotiations, was the third sector lead on development of a regional compact and third sector engagement in developing the regional strategy.  Prior to working at VSNW, Warren worked at NAVCA for 10 years. There he supported third sector partnership with local authorities and was also a qualified NAVCA Quality Award assessor of local third sector support agencies. Learn more about Voluntary Sector North West here.

Liz Harding – Now a freelance consultant, Liz had spent many years as CEO of Youth Focus NW (formerly the North West Regional Youth Work Unit).  Having worked there since late 2003 she was responsible for the strategic direction and development of the Unit along with the operational management. Working in a number of youth work organisations over the past 30 years in urban and rural settings and in the statutory and voluntary sectors has given her a broad base of experience.  Retaining a passion for youth work and in particular Youth Voice Liz advocates for it at every opportunity.  As part of her role Liz develops and maintains strong relationships with local providers and regional and national partners.  Liz has worked with a range of cultural and health organisations to both promote good practice of young people’s participation and to develop further the voice and influence of young people on a regional level.  She supports Youthforia, the youth led North West Youth Forum and works with the British Youth Council supporting UKYP and other voice initiatives.  Liz grew up in Dorset, has lived in Manchester for the last 30 years and chairs two community based youth projects in South Manchester.

Rachel McClelland Founder of The Planet Shine.

Neil McInroy (CEO, Centre for Local Economic Strategies) Neil is CEO of CLES – UK’s leading member and research organisation dedicated to economic development and local governance. In all of CLES’s work, the need to ensure an economy works for the good of local people and social inclusion is central. Neil has an academic background in economic geography. However, over the last 20 years has gained multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills and experience having worked extensively in the UK and more occasionally in Europe, Asia, US and Australasia. He has a regular column in New Start Magazine, and is a frequent blogger on the Local Government Chronicle pages. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Manchester, and on the editorial board of Local Economy. He chairs the Greater Manchester Poverty Action Group.  Learn more about the Centre for Local Economic Strategies here.

Greg Mitten, Chief Officer West Lancs CVS

Michael Salla (Everton in the Community) Michael is Everton in the Community’s Health and Wellbeing Manager and was instrumental in the Club’s recent ‘excellence’ status from the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. Everton in the Community is an independent, registered charity operating on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis, which is affiliated to and supported by Everton Football Club. Learn more about Everton in the Community here.


  1. Chair: Dr Katy Goldstraw (Staffordshire University)
  2. Vice Chair: Lynda Brady (PVC Student Experience and University Secretary)
  3. Ex-officio: Dr John Cater (University Vice Chancellor)
  4. Ex-officio: Director of Institute for Creative Enterprise, Prof Martin McQuillan
  5. Ex-officio: Director of Research of the Health Research Institute, Prof Sally Spencer
  6. The Strategy Group (see list on the ISR website)
  7. External Members (see list above)

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Members' Group

Members’ Group

The Members’ Group brings together convenors and members of the different research clusters associated with ISR, alongside the Director, Associate Director and ISR Fellow.

The Terms of Reference for the Members’ Group are:

  1. To form knowledge exchange based working groups to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes that go beyond the campus boundary that reflect ISR thematic priorities (set annually).
  2. To collaborate through peer reviewing research proposals.
  3. To work towards developing and sustaining a community of practice.
  4. To meet at least twice a year (one to be the Annual General Meeting).

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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

An annual forum where all University staff are welcome to attend. The focus of the meeting is setting the thematic priorities for the year which will drive two knowledge exchange projects undertaken by ISR member working groups. The Director will also offer a review of the year and ISR members will be given an opportunity to report the key achievements of their relevant centres, groups and networks.
Core members include: the ISR Director; the ISR Associate Director; the ISR Fellows.

Terms of Reference for the ISR Annual General Meeting are:

  1. To set the thematic priorities for the year.
  2.  To establish knowledge exchange working groups based on these priorities.
  3. To receive reports from the Director and ISR associated research groups, centres and networks.
  4. To meet once a year.


  1. Chair: Director of ISR, Professor Jo Crotty
  2. Secretary: ISR Administrator, D Harkness
  3. Members of the Strategy Group
  4. ISR Members
  5. All those supported by ISR during the year and open to all members of Edge Hill University

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