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Residential Students Network Access

How to logon to the University network

You will need your username and your temporary password, both of which are found on your Stage One Enrolment email.

You must change your temporary password as soon as you can or you risk your account being locked and some services not working.  If you are unsure how to do this, contact the Library on 01695 650800 or via Ask Us.

Please ensure you read and understand the University IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Bringing your own PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and / or other mobile device

Those with their own PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device  and/or mobile  can connect to the Internet using the University wireless network ‘EDUROAM’ (please remember to bring your wireless adaptor /  dongle if you are bringing a PC).

Full details on how to connect to and use EDUROAM.

Please note: Windows PCs and laptops will require you to install a certificate in order to connect to EDUROAM, and this available on the website (at the link above) .

If you are in Chancellors Court, Founders Court, Graduates Court. Palatine Court, Woodland court or Stanley-Clough halls, you can connect your PC/laptop to the wired infrastructure. You will need to bring an ethernet cable.

Plug the ethernet cable into your PC/laptop and into the LAN socket in your room. Using your browser, navigate to where you can sign in with your username and your current EHU password. Ensure that you have read and accepted the Acceptable Use Policy by checking the box and then [Submit] You will then have an authenticated connection to the internet for 12 hours after which, you will need to sign in again.

Bringing your own Printer

If you bring a printer, you can physically connect it locally to your own and PC or laptop using a cable. Please note, the wifi service does not support printer connections so please remember to bring a printer cable.

Bringing your Games Console (eg Xbox/PlayStation)

If you are in any of the Chancellors Court, Founders Court, Graduates Court, Palatine Court or Woodland Court  halls you can register your games console to be connected to the Internet via a wired connection.

Residents of these Halls will receive an email with instructions as to how to register in the first few weeks of term. Please note that some network ‘ports’ may not be available (or ‘open’) – this is to ensure the security and integrity of the University network, and to prevent illegal and/or unauthorised activity such as peer-to-peer file sharing.  This may affect your gaming experience.

Can I arrange for my own internet connection in my hall?

You cannot enter into a contract agreement with a landline internet service provider whilst living in halls. You can’t have an ADSL telephone line or fibre optic line installed in your room.

If you purchase a (wireless 3G or 4G) USB broadband dongle you must be wary of high data charges that you may incur when accessing bandwidth-heavy applications such as online games or video streaming services like YouTube or BBC iPlayer.

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