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How Your University Delivers Value for Money

By attending Edge Hill University, we recognise that our students are making a big investment in their future, both in time and money.

We believe that we deliver exceptional value for money to our students.

All of our spending is on your University. The vast majority of the money we get in is spent on teaching, research, investing in the student experience, facilities for learning, living and socialising, with just a small percentage going on running costs.

Here’s a breakdown of how we spent your £9,250 student fee, Figures are for 2020/21:

The academic departments that deliver your teaching and learning experience£4,851
Academic services such as the library that support your learning£1,604
Campus and buildings£1,166
Facilities for study and leisure such as arts and sports£949
Central administration that keeps the University running£585
Student bursaries and scholarships£95

Where our money comes from?

The money the University gets in to use comes from a range of sources, including tuition fees, grants and money from things like accommodation and catering. Since tuition fees were introduced by the Government and other funding decreased, they have become the largest part of the University’s income.

The chart below shows the sources of our income for the last academic year and the ways in which we spent this money.

Tuition fees£106.003
Funding body grant£7.635
Research grants and contracts£1.265
Residence and catering income£9.057
Other income£6.140

Our Expenditure

Here’s our total expenditure for 2020/21 and a breakdown of what it was spent on. Total Expenditure: 121.263m

Academic Departments£54.912
Academic Services£18.156
Central Administration and Services£6.619
Bursaries and Scholarships£1.165
Student Services, Support and Facilities£11.653
Residence and Catering operations£6.498
Research Grants and Contracts£0.662
Pension cost adjustment£7.704

What do we do with the surplus?

£8.837m surplus for 2020/21

Our total income in the year generated a surplus of £8.837m for reinvestment, which will allow us to improve the physical learning environment and provide better equipment and resources for our students.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to know more, you can read our latest financial reports.