All resident students on one of our meal plans are given a “Unicard” which can be used in Catering outlets 7 days a week. Resident Students not on a “resident contract agreement”, non resident students, staff and visitors are welcome to use the catering outlets on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

“Top Up” or “Rechargeable” Unicards are issued to ALL Students whether full time, part time, resident or non resident.

The initial Unicard is provided free of charge during the enrolment process, although there is an administrative charge for replacement cards if they are lost or damaged. Lost Unicards must be reported immediately to the FM Helpdesk.

Topping Up Your Unicard – Upay

Facilities for topping up your Unicard can be found on the Upay website http://www.upay.co.uk/. For a smarter way to pay for your food on campus simply register your Unicard on the Upay website using your Cardholder ID (on the front of your Unicard) and the University’s Client ID (104). You will then be required to choose your unique username and password. Using a credit or debit card you can then top up your Unicard with the desired amount of cash.

Funds loaded on to Unicards can be used in any catering outlet (excluding Edge Hill Sport, McColls and the university shop), and you can receive discounts on a wide range of products.

Once you have registered online, you can access your Upay account through our new smartphone app UpayMobile! And using the online GuestPay feature, it is now possible for a non-registered user to top up your Upay account.

A “Unicard” is only valid if:

• It is not damaged or unrecognisable in any way
• It has not expired
• The person to whom it belongs, name and photograph are clearly visible
• It is presented for use solely by the person whose name and photo appear on it

Please note that Edge Hill University is obliged to take disciplinary action against persons fraudulently using or attempting to use a “Unicard” not belonging to them.

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