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Trans, Camera, Action: Transgender and non-binary support through oppositional filmmaking practice

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Monday 20 May 2024





Studio Theatre, Arts Centre


The Arts Centre

Monday 20 May 1pm

Trans, Camera, Action: Transgender and non-binary support through oppositional filmmaking practice features six short films, created through digital and analogue filmmaking practice research methods in conjunction with trans studies theory. This combination allows for a meaningful exploration of the construction and impact of trans and non-binary representations. The films will be followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Sammy Holden, and the opportunity for interdisciplinary networking. 

Trans – Iterations 1 to 3, (2024), dir. Sammy Holden (they/them), 4:46 minutes

Three combined analogue 16mm shorts, cameraless films that utilise handmade techniques, making it impossible to ignore symbols and motifs of transness that have been directly scratched and painted onto the film as a medium, combined with the voices of trans people and allies in protest.

CWs: extreme flashing imagery (not suitable for photosensitive viewers), discussion of transphobia, abrupt loud sounds.

Camera – Iteration 1, (2023), dir. Sammy Holden (they/them), 4:04 minutes

An experimental dance film exploring the tenuous, hidden place of non-binary and trans people in an alternate film history.

CWs: flashing imagery, abrupt loud sounds.

Camera – Iteration 2, (2023), dir. Sammy Holden (they/them), 8:53 minutes

How can trans and non-binary people escape from the restrictions of media views and limitations of representations? Across three sections a genderqueer dancer comes up against forms of filmic erasure, maintaining their identity through historical and modern dance movement, until they find a way to break free.

CWs: discussion of transphobia.

Action, (2024), dir. Sammy Holden (they/them), 35 minutes

Exploring transgender and non-binary representations through an autoethnographic video essay-documentary form, including the voices of transgender and non-binary participants with a variety of filmmaking experiences.

CWs: discussion of transphobia, discussion of trauma/dissociation.

Tickets: Free, booking required

A free, online accessible version of this event will also take place on 7 June 1pm. For more details click here.

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