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The Weave of Words: Exploring the Interconnection of Spanish Language and Textile 

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Thursday 18 April 2024

12pm - 1pm




Room: M39 (LT), Main Building

Tall Spanish Cathedral

Join us for a captivating exploration into the intricate tapestry of Spanish language and textile culture in the upcoming presentation, “The Weave of Words: Exploring the Interconnection of Spanish Language and Textile.” Delve into the fascinating interconnection between language, storytelling, and the art of textiles, as the talk uncovers how words and threads intertwine to create rich narratives that transcend time and culture.

The presentation weaves through the linguistic landscape exploring commonly used expressions in the Spanish language that find their roots in the lexicon of textiles. From “coser y cantar” (= ‘sew and sing’; actual meaning in English “a walk in the park”) to “bordar un examen” (= ‘to embroider an exam’; actual meaning in English “ace an exam”), these expressions not only enrich our vocabulary but also offer profound insights into the way we perceive and communicate with the world around us.

The presentation will also journey through some visual representations that evoke the interconnectedness of textile and storytelling, through key artistic works such as Velázquez’s masterpiece “Las Hilanderas,” (The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne, 1655- 1660). Visual images will serve as an opportunity to reflect on the idea of how both Art and Textile can serve as a different type of language and, at the same time, create an intricate tapestry that joins all elements together: words, thread, imagery.

Join the talk as it unravels the weave of words and threads, celebrating the timeless connection between language, textiles, and storytelling in Spanish cultures.

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