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The power of teachers’ language: Study on teachers’ messages and students’ outcome


Wednesday 21 February 2024

1pm - 2pm




B001, Business School



Business School exterior on a sunny day


Teachers use various types of messages with the aim of increasing student engagement and outcomes. In this talk, current PHD research student and graduate teaching assistant, Mahdi, from the department of Psychology, will discuss the distinct characteristics of these messages and explore their impact on students’ engagement and achievements. Then Mahdi will draw upon the existing literature and theories, such as self-determination theory and message-framing, and will introduce his own PhD project, which incorporates new elements and analyses to identify novel aspects of this association.

Why attend?

This talk may enhance your knowledge of how your messages may influence your students and, ideally, provide you with insights on how to effectively utilize this communication tool. Everyone is welcome.

About the speaker

Who is this event for?

Current staff Current students Everyone