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The Future of Inclusive Education: One Step forwards, two steps back?

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Thursday 28 March 2024





Law and Psychology

Headshot of Professor of Inclusive Education, Peter Hick.

This event is one of our 2024 Inaugural Lectures series with Professor of Inclusive Education, Peter Hick.

“My inaugural lecture will delve into the complex landscape of inclusive education. Over the past 30 years, international efforts have expanded inclusive education systems, allowing diverse learners, including those with special educational needs, racialised minorities, vulnerable children, and LGBTQ+ communities, to participate in mainstream schools. However, persistent challenges in funding and support continue to hinder progress.

I will assess the current state of inclusive education, reflecting on both achievements and ongoing hurdles. Focusing on the cultural construction of ‘difference,’ I will draw on sociocultural psychology to look at the development of inclusive practices within schools. 

I will ask and answer the question: how far have we really come in developing more inclusive schools, and what might the future hold?”

About Professor Peter Hick

Appointed as Professor of Inclusive Education at Edge Hill University in January 2022, Professor Hick leads the Inclusion, Diversity, and Identities Research Network. With a background in Further Education and as an Educational Psychologist, he brings a wealth of experience to his academic work. 

Professor Hick’s work, rooted in sociocultural psychology, seeks to understand ‘difference’ and promote inclusive practices in schools. He has led national and international research teams, secured substantial funding for projects in technology for inclusive learning, teacher education, and the development of more inclusive schools and published several influential books in his field.

Event programme

5.30pmWelcome Reception
6pmInaugural Lecture
7pmNetworking and Refreshments

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Current staff Current students Everyone


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