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Pour Decisions: Understanding Alcohol Consumption in Context

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Thursday 2 May 2024





Law and Psychology

Headshot of Professor of Psychology, Rebecca Monk.

This event is one of our 2024 Inaugural Lectures series with Professor of Psychology, Rebecca Monk.

“Alcohol remains a leading cause of illness and death in the UK and around the world. In my inaugural lecture, I will delve into the intricate world of alcohol consumption, a world that we are all steeped in whether we drink or not. 

My research challenges the predominant focus of alcohol research, which often neglects the contexts in which drinking occurs. Drawing on my knowledge and expertise, I will assert that understanding alcohol consumption requires an exploration of the environments and social dynamics that shape drinking behaviour.

I will share insights into the psychopharmacological effects that may complicate the notion of ‘just going for one.’ In addressing the well-documented harms associated with alcohol, I will emphasise the importance of considering broader social, contextual, and pharmacological influences on drinking behaviours.”

About Professor Rebecca Monk

Rebecca Monk, Professor of Psychology and Associate Head of Department, is an authority in the study of how alcohol-related thoughts and behaviours vary depending on social and environmental surroundings. 

Professor Monk joined the university in 2013. Her research, spanning laboratory-based testing, field research, and ecological momentary assessment via smartphone applications, provides real-time insights into alcohol-related thoughts and behaviours. She is a Senior Editor for the international journal Addiction Research & Theory and has over 70 peer-reviewed publications to her name.

Event programme

5.30pmWelcome Reception
6pmInaugural Lecture
7pmNetworking and Refreshments

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