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Olive Branch

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Thursday 7 March 2024





Rose Theatre, Arts Centre


The Arts Centre

An image of dance students balancing on wooden stumps.© Marso Mickael Riviere

Thursday 7 March 7:30pm

Vanhulle Dance Theatre

Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a dynamic, feel-good, funny and family friendly dance duet that intertwines contemporary dance with martial arts choreographed and performed by Vanhulle Dance Theatre.

Olive Branch is a poetic tale of rediscovering the wonder and beauty that nature provides. Following the new and unusual friendship between two strangers, they quickly learn to overcome differences, despite miscommunications, by developing trust and acceptance, an alliance is formed to defend mother nature.

The 7:30pm performance will include a curtain raiser performance by Company Chameleon.

Tickets: Free

Duration: 25 mins

Who is this event for?

Current staff Current students Everyone