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National Student Money Week


Monday 4 March 2024

- Friday 8 March 2024




Edge Hill University


Student Services

Catalyst building exterior

Get involved. The Money Advice Team is promoting ‘Less Risk, More Reward: Maintaining your financial wellbeing at university’ – the theme of this year’s National Student Money Week.

2024 logo for NASMA'S National Student Money Week

When and where?

Monday 4 March, 10am-3pm, Catalyst foyer

Monday’s focus will be centred around Risk Taking Behaviour with online gambling and gaming being the theme.

Tuesday 5 March, 11am-1.30pm, The Hub

Tuesday’s focus will be centred around Housing Risk, stressing the importance of what to look for in a landlord. Our Hall Fees Team will also be there to support. 

Wednesday 6 March, 10am-3pm, Catalyst foyer

Wednesday’s theme is Risky Debts, particularly focused on the Buy Now Pay Later schemes such as Klarna.

Thursday 7 March, 10am-3pm, Faculty of Health foyer

Thursday’s theme will be based on Risk of Not Planning and Budgeting.

Friday 8 March, 10am-3pm, Catalyst foyer

Friday’s theme is Risk of Scams and Fraud, which will be hosted by HSBC Network Manager, Michelle Mchwa. Michelle will be available to guide you on keeping safe and secure.

Pop along to our sessions and get involved with some fun activities and games. There will also be a £20 Amazon voucher available as a prize each day.

Who is this event for?

Current students