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Looking ahead to the UK and US Elections


Tuesday 14 November 2023 - Thursday 25 January 2024



2024 looks set to be a very busy year. The US Presidential election takes place in November, after the primary contests, conventions, and debates in the run up. And 2024 looks likely to be the UK General Election too.

Both elections will tell us a lot about the state of Politics and the future of governments.

Edge Hill University’s politics team is offering workshops looking ahead to the elections. You can choose one or the other, or a combination of both. The workshops, which include a lecture as well as activities designed to explore aspects of the topic, will be delivered by our teaching staff, assisted by some of our students.

The workshops are going to take place between 10:00am and 1:00pm on the below dates:

  • Tuesday November 14
  • Thursday November 16
  • Tuesday November 21
  • Tuesday 23 January
  • Thursday 25 January

This event requires a minimum of 5 students in attendance.

In the US the Democrats will look to hold on to the Presidency while fighting off further challenges in the Senate. The Republicans will be looking to take the White House, consolidate their advantage in the House and make gains elsewhere. And of course, we could see a viable third-party challenge.

In the UK the Conservatives are under attack from a disciplined Labour party which sees the recent musical chairs Tory leadership changes as a sign of division.  In power since 2010 (partly in coalition, partly with a deal and partly on their own) the Conservatives struggle to look fresh and relevant. Yet Labour has problems too, with arguments about policy direction potentially breaking out. Can Labour hold on to its poll lead? Will it be able to recover in Scotland and the North? Will we see a Starmer Government with an absolute majority?

Looking at elections allows us to focus not just on the contest to come but on the potential ramifications for parties, people and governments.

We are happy to tailor this on-campus event, which will also include activities such as a campus tour, to your needs. Events will take account of recent developments. For example, if there has been a key primary contest, or significant UK development, this will be incorporated into the material.

If you require further information, please contact the Education Liaison and Events team:

Who is this event for?

Current students Prospective undergraduate students School students