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Psychology Research Seminar – Dr Kathryn Fradley


Wednesday 2 November 2022

12pm - 1pm




B001 , Business School



Kathryn Fradley

Listen to Us: A mixed-methods approach to identify factors that encourage resilience for poor mental wellbeing in young people, during the COVID-19 pandemic


Psychopathology, including poor mental wellbeing, often develops during adolescence. We do not yet know how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted young people’s mental wellbeing during this crucial period. It is likely that there are individual differences in response to the adversity, as not all individuals exposed to the same stressors experience adverse effects, a phenomenon known as ‘resilience’.

The current investigation aimed to identify pandemic-related factors that encouraged the process of resilience for poor mental wellbeing during the pandemic, using data from interviews and surveys. 31 young people aged between 14-19 completed interviews, 25 of whom also completed the survey. Grounded theory was used throughout data collection and analysis. Due to the vastness and nature of the data, the qualitative sample was split into three categories: resilience (managing, n = 18), resilience (not managing, n = 3), and non-resilience (n = 4). Key themes emerged from the qualitative data, which informed the potential predictors for quantitative analysis: multiple regression. In the regression analysis, mental wellbeing was assessed using the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale. Multiple regression analysis revealed that the avoidance subscale of the Experience in Close Relationships significantly predicted wellbeing scores. Therefore, compared to the quality of their friendships and fear of rejection by family members, young people who felt comfortable depending on family members reported better mental wellbeing during the pandemic.

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