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Is training individuals to inhibit responses to unhealthy cues an effective intervention?


Wednesday 15 November 2023

1pm - 2pm




B001, Business School



EHU business school

Join our guest speaker, Dr Andrew Jones, for the next event if our Department of Psychology: Research Talk Series. Everyone is welcome.

Inhibitory Control Training (also known as motor response training) is a type of cognitive bias modification designed to target unhealthy behaviours (alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating). In this talk I will discuss the theoretical rationale for Inhibitory Control Training, its mechanism(s) of effect, and its impact on behaviour. I will draw on my own PhD research, as well as research from my PhD students (and others) which has consisted of laboratory-based research, ecological momentary assessment designs and randomised control trials. In doing so I hope to provide a broad answer to the question as to whether it can be an effective psychological intervention for unhealthy behaviours, or merely an interesting observation with no real-world significance.

Headshot of Dr Andrew Jones, John Moore's University

Guest speaker

Dr Andrew Jones – Liverpool John Moores University

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