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Data and Digital Dreams: Computer Vision and AI Ventures in Today’s Wild West of Technology

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Thursday 25 April 2024





Tech Hub

Headshot of Professor of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ardhendu Behera.

This event is one of our 2024 Inaugural Lectures series with Professor of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ardhendu Behera.

“My lecture will explore computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), showcasing my research in deep learning, computer vision, and multimodal AI, detailing practical implementations across diverse domains.

Advancements in computer vision and AI have taken the technology way beyond academia, leaving a profound impact on industries from healthcare to autonomous vehicles. I will discuss their transformative role in augmented reality, national security, and challenges like interpretability and biases.

I also want to give the audience a historical perspective of these technologies, from its foundational roots in the 1950s to the recent, rapid evolution of AI and computer vision and how its applications are shaping today’s ‘Wild West’ of technology.”

About Professor Ardhendu Behera

Professor Behera is a distinguished expert in computer vision and AI. His extensive background includes professional experience at Sun Microsystems and a post-doctoral tenure at the University of Leeds. His research, notably in dementia monitoring, has garnered international media coverage and recognition. 

Professor Behera continues to shape the future of AI, leading ground breaking projects with partners around the globe. He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing research journal.

Event programme

5.30pmWelcome Reception
6pmInaugural Lecture
7pmNetworking and Refreshments

Who is this event for?

Current staff Current students Everyone


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