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Art and Politics in France: an Unbreakable Connection

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Tuesday 30 January 2024

12pm - 1pm




LPO.25, Law and Psychology


Language Centre

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This lecture delves into the intricate relationship between art and politics in contemporary France, with a specific focus on the contributions of two politically committed artists: Édouard Louis and Costa-Gavras.

Édouard Louis, a globally celebrated writer, sharply critiques systemic inequality and economic policies in his 2018 memoir Who Killed My Father. Fearlessly pointing fingers at French presidents, including Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande, and Macron, Louis emotionally addresses his father, stating: “The history of your suffering bears these names.” Through a profoundly personal narrative, Louis transcends individual-political boundaries, providing an emotionally resonant perspective on the challenges posed by neo-liberal capitalism.

Filmmaker Costa-Gavras adds depth with his 2005 film, The Axe. This cinematic masterpiece critically dissects corporate culture, globalisation, and their impact on individual psyche. The narrative serves as a poignant critique of the ruthlessness of neo-liberalist policies, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by individuals in the pursuit of success. Costa-Gavras’ adept blend of storytelling and political critique solidifies his work as an indispensable component of the conversation surrounding committed art in contemporary France.

The lecture will delve into how the works of Édouard Louis and Costa-Gavras transcend mere aesthetic expression by actively engaging with contemporary issues. Through the exploration of shared themes such as inequality, political injustice, and the human cost of societal structures, attendees will gain insights into the evolution and impact of committed art in France. Ultimately, the lecture aims to illuminate how art can function as a catalyst for social change, shaping public consciousness and fostering dialogue on crucial societal issues.


Law and Psychology LPO.25, building 7 on the campus map.


If you are not a member of Edge Hill staff or a current Edge Hill student you can request a temporary parking permit for this event by contacting the Language Centre.

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