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Using secondary data to understand the association between alcohol and mental health problems


Wednesday 10 January 2024

1pm - 2pm




B001, Business School



Business School ground floor interior. There are two students walking to their class in the lobby and there is a class of students through the windows in one of the Business School classrooms

Join Dr Jo-Anne Puddephatt on 10 January 2024 for a free talk on how secondary data can help us examine the relationship between alcohol use and mental health problems.


Secondary data can be a useful method for understanding the prevalence
and patterning of health behaviours and conditions. In this talk I will
discuss the use of secondary data to examine the association between
alcohol and mental health problems, how it can be used to inform future
research, and its limitations with specific populations. The talk will draw
upon own my own experiences of using different secondary data sources
from my PhD and post-doctoral role, and the limited guidance on
accessing and using these data sources. This talk may help to identify
how and when secondary data sources can be useful for research projects
as well as things to consider when looking to access and use these

Everyone is welcome.

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