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A Flat Place: Noreen Masud in Conversation

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Tuesday 31 October 2023

7pm - 9pm




CE0.17 (Lecture Theatre), Creative Edge

For Noreen Masud, flat places are landscapes which resist being pinpointed – they stretch beyond human understanding and even usefulness. In A Flat Place, Noreen similarly resists being pinned down, mixing memoir and nature writing to think about personal and political trauma and how flat landscapes offer and refuse healing. From Pakistan to Cambridgeshire fens, from the Orkneys to Morecambe Bay, Noreen writes about feeling flat in these flat landscapes in prose which is, paradoxically, never flat!

On Tuesday 31st October at 7pm, Noreen Masud will be reading from A Flat Place and in conversation with EHU’s Andrew McInnes. 

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  • Noreen Masud

    Noreen Masud

    Noreen Masud is a Lecturer in Twentieth Century Literature at the University of Bristol, and an AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinker. Her research covers all kinds of bases: flatness, spivs, puppets, leftovers, earworms, footnotes, rhymes, hymns, surprises, folk songs, colours, superstitions. She works mostly on twentieth-century literature, but also makes forays into Victorian and Romantic literature too.


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