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Appendix 20 – Certification of Awards: 2019-20

Part of: Academic
Part of: Academic Regulations
Part of: Academic Regulations 2019-20
Part of: Appendices 2019-20


Appendix 20 details the regulations governing the certification of awards at Edge Hill University and encompass any printed verification of academic achievement or award issued by the University.

Surprising Terms

2.2.7 is a critical term for students to be aware of

  • The name that appears on the certificate is the full name that students are formally registered with at the University. Should a student name change during the course of their studies it is the student’s responsibility to inform the Academic Registry’s Data Support Team and to provide the relevant documentation to confirm the change. Name changes should be reported to the University as soon as is reasonably possible and by no later than the end of teaching for the final semester. Academic Registry will produce all certificates in the name that was presented to the Award Board and will not retrospectively amend names following on from the confirmation of an award .
  • Certificates will not be issued to those in debt to the University.
  • The issue of award certificates and transcripts for students undertaking a university award at a partner institution remains under the control of Edge Hill University.
  • Where a request is made to replace a damaged certificate, the original certificate must be returned with the application form.
  • A charge will be applied where a request is made for a duplicate copy of results certification.
  • Allegations of malpractice relating to the award which are made subsequent to conferment will be investigated and, if proven, may lead to the revocation or re-classification of the award.