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What happens if I let you know?

Once the referral form is completed and submitted, the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team will review it and, using the information provided, they will make a decision on the next steps. There are many different actions that may be taken, but the preference is to always proceed with the wishes of the student who has filled in the form, unless we believe not taking a particular action could result in someone coming to harm.

If you have filled in the form about yourself some actions we may take include:

  • Inviting you in for an appointment with a Mental Health & Wellbeing Team member to discuss what support you may find helpful.
  • Inviting you to meet with the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team and/or the Campus Life Team if the issues relate to a crime or the student disciplinary regulations.
  • Collating the information you have shared with us for our records (in the case when you do not wish for any action to be taken).
  • Contacting the police on your behalf if we believe you are in danger or you have asked us to.

If you have let us know about another student that has experienced sexual misconduct, some actions may include:

  • Sending information to the student about the services available from the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team and encouraging them to make an appointment.
  • Inviting the student to a wellbeing appointment.
  • Sending information to the student about additional specialist services.
  • Asking the Campus Support Team to visit the student’s accommodation to check if they are OK.
  • Contacting the police if we are unable to locate them or believe they are at serious risk of harm.
Please be aware that often we’re unable to discuss our engagement with another student with you due to confidentiality.

If you’ve let us know that you are concerned about someone’s behaviour, some actions we may take include:

  • Storing the information in case similar information is shared in the future about the same person.
  • Inviting the person in to meet with the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team or Campus Life Team to talk about their behaviour.
  • Contact the police if we have serious concerns about a person’s behaviour.