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Postgraduate research induction

This website houses all of the additional paperwork sent to you in your induction email. Please make sure you bookmark this page to your computer/phone should you need to access this on the induction day (Saturday 30 September 2023). 

We advise against downloading a local copy of the below paperwork as these may be updated. 

Your supervisory team confirmation has been sent to your email address on record. If you have not received this please email Graduate School Admissions team.

The additional paperwork is linked in the following list:

  1. Welcome letter from the Dean of the Graduate School
  2. Campus map 
  3. Graduate School Induction – 30 September 2023
  4. Department induction schedule 
  5. Researcher Development Programme
  6. Parking information
  7. Accessing disability and inclusion support
  8. Enrolment information

GTAs will need to review the following paperwork and attend the sessions outlined below:

  1. GTA Induction – 2 October 2023
  2. CLT GTA Teaching Support Sessions

We look forward to welcoming you all on the Saturday 30 September 2023.