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Explore our ongoing research undertakings within our physical performance profiling of combat sports project.

Factors influencing Taekwondo performance

Project lead

The group is principally concerned with fostering evidence-based research and practice with a focus on enhancing performance through training, monitoring, and competition interventions. Multidisciplinary scientific approaches are used to generate translational research to support the application of novel and emerging practices into ecologically valid combat settings.

International collaboration efforts and novel combinations of disciplines are employed to answer more complex questions, fostering the production of more impactful research and effective transfer to ‘real world’ combat sports practice.

The efficacy of training interventions in enhancing boxing performance

Project lead

Project team

The complex physical demands of boxing are quantified using a range of physiological and biomechanical assessments to inform the screening and training of boxers.  The applied focus of this group has considered factors including the application of post-activation performance enhancement interventions, the assessment of punch force, and the physiological and mechanical demands of boxing.