Taught Degrees Framework (TDF)

Edge Hill University’s Taught Degree Framework (TDF) is a set of guiding principles for the design of the undergraduate and taught postgraduate awards validated by the University. The taught curriculum is one of the key mechanisms to support delivery of the University’s strategic objectives. In devising the Framework we have sought to ensure it is both enabling: flexible enough to ensure we do not stifle the creativity and expertise of academic colleagues and the ‘personality’ of the individuals and Departments designing the curriculum can be demonstrated; and constraining: in that Programme Teams are required to engage with a series of lenses, containing essential questions, which are fundamental to ensuring effective curriculum design and will help achieve the following outcomes:

  • Curriculum design which clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence.
  • Presents a distinctive offer which can be clearly differentiated from similar Programmes offered by the University and our competitors.
  • Is personalised, at every stage, from induction to graduation: so that all students, from all backgrounds, are supported to succeed and the risk of unequal outcomes by students’ characteristics is designed out.
  • Includes opportunities for students to co-design the experience (e.g. through feedback or diverse assessment design) and activity that helps to engender a sense of belonging into a shared community of learning.
  • Is well-planned, diverse and engaging so that students are supported and challenged in equal measure to fully engage with learning and assessment.
  • Fully integrates and maps the core skills and attributes we seek to support students to develop as graduates of the University.
  • Provides opportunities for students to explore diverse themes which are fundamental to the values of the University, notably inclusion and society.
  • Assures academic standards and teaching quality.
  • Integrates approaches that support the delivery of the quality and standards measures by which we will be judged, notably retention, completion and graduate level outcomes.
  • Supports students’ satisfaction with their studies to further enhance the reputation of the University.

In addition to alignment with the Academic Regulations and other University policies and procedures, the TDF is also consistent with the relevant external reference points, most notably the Quality Assurance Agency’s UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the requirements of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies as appropriate.

Use this link to access the Taught Degrees Framework Wiki.  It can also be found under ‘Departmental Wikis’ on the staff website.  The resource is for colleagues working within the University, you will need to use your network username and password.

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