The Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS) is an interdisciplinary forum for research and activities that engage with the complex material, ethical and symbolic relationships between humans, other animals, and their environments. CfHAS brings together scholars from the arts and humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to examine how rethinking our relations with animals can create meaningful social, policy, environmental, ethical and cultural change. CfHAS promotes interdisciplinary research that challenges anthropocentric (human-centred) thinking and approaches and recognises the interests of animals.

Research at CfHAS currently revolves around these key themes:

  • climate change and sustainability;
  • health and well-being;
  • representational practices and cultural understanding;
  • ecological conflicts;
  • intersectionality and social justice.

We welcome enquiries from academics, graduate research students, organisations and individuals interested in the work of the Centre.

Professor Claire Parkinson (Co-Director, CfHAS) & Dr Richard Twine (Co-Director, CfHAS)

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