Paresh Wankhade, Professor of Leadership and Management at Edge Hill University Business School recently published his third book in his first year of joining the University in September 2014.


Sociability, Social Capital and Community Development: A Public Health Perspective’ provides a critical understanding of contemporary issues within global society using six case study examples (UK, USA, China, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Japan). The co-authored book explores major themes of contemporary relevance- overall aging of societies; governance and institutions; emergency services & and public health provisions; and community activism and involvement.

His latest edited volumes on the leadership and management perspectives in the Ambulance Services and the Police Services explore key management themes in these important public services. The two books offer critical insights into the theory and practice of strategic and operational management of the ambulance and police services and the leadership needs for the services. One of the key highlights of this series is bringing top scholarship through the involvement of experts ranging from academics, practitioners and professionals in the field to each of the chosen topics.

All the three books are available to buy online.

Professor Wankhade said:

“These books have raised real problems confronting the society and the lives of people. The involvement of professionals in the co-production of knowledge is a welcome step and sits well with Edge Hill University’s engagement strategy.

Professor Wankhade is also the Editor-In-Chief of International Journal of Emergency Services  and is recognised as an expert in this field. His research and publications have focussed on the analyses of organisational leadership, cultural change and interoperability between the emergency services His work is contributing to inform debates around interoperability of emergency ‘blue-light’ services and challenges faced by individual services. He coordinates the research seminar series in the Business School.