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Your Animation Offer Holder Day

Your Offer Holder Day is a great opportunity to experience our impressive animation facilities for yourself. You can also find out about your module options, meet your tutors, chat to our students and meet other applicants. Find out more below.

A group of animation students creating CGI

Your Offer Holder Day dates:

  • Wednesday 15 February, 1.30pm – 6.00pm
    • Saturday 4 March, 11.30am – 4.00pm

    Your session description:

    Understanding the principles of movement design within animation is key to developing an engaging and convincing animated film.

    During this short workshop you’ll be asked to explore movement using the frame-to-frame process of flipbook animation. The session will introduce you to fundamental animation skills in relation to movement, basic performance and frame transition through the design of one frame set against another. During the workshop we’ll discuss different approaches and applications of the flipbook process, from complex photographic (such as J. C. Fontanive ) or physical flipbooks, by artists such as Scott Blake, to very basic linear application using stick men.

    We’re looking forward to welcoming you for a workshop that’s an exciting opportunity to explore animation using simple and accessible means of production.

    Contact us to book your place