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Essential preparation for your online interview: BSc (Hons) Midwifery

This page gives you all the essential preparation information you need for your online interview for BSc (Hons) Midwifery. Please read all of the sections carefully.


Congratulations on being offered an interview. You’re one step closer to expanding your opportunities at Edge Hill University. Our selection process is designed to identify students who have the necessary competencies that align with the regulatory body for this course – the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). We’ve brought together a dedicated webpage so you can understand what to expect as part of your interview process. Please read all the sections carefully. We know that you may feel nervous about your interview,  but it’s not designed to trip you up, we’re looking for you to demonstrate and tell us more about the attributes and skills you’ve outlined in your personal statement

Midwifery student Sophie

Important information – preparation

  • You can view the date of your interview on UCAS Hub. Please note, you’ll receive your specific time and individual joining link prior to your interview.
  • Please click to accept your individual joining link as soon as you receive your email. You can contact [email protected] if you don’t receive your link.
  • We recommend using a PC or laptop for your online interview and please check your camera and microphone are working prior to the interview.

Course specific preparation

It is essential that you have:

  1. watched this short service user/carer story What to expect at your booking in visit’. You’ll be asked about this during your interview. Failure to watch this video will prevent your interview taking place.
  2. considered the NHS Professionals 6 C’s in relation to our pre interview video What to expect at your booking in visit’
  3. researched and read about the role of the profession you have applied for using sources such as
  4. researched  NHS England’s Leading Change, Adding Value  It contains 10 commitments which you are advised to read.
  5. researched and read the values enshrined within the NHS Constitution which was developed by patients, public and staff to inspire passion in the NHS and guide it into the 21st century. The NHS values provide common ground for cooperation to achieve shared aspirations and can be found in section two of the document.
  6. As a Midwifery student you’ll need to comply with the NMC code of conduct, we recommend reviewing this in preparation.
  7. It’s also essential that you have thought about and can clearly explain the following before your interview.

It’s also essential that you have thought about and can clearly explain the following before your interview.

  1. Why you wish to enter a career in Midwifery?
  2. How can you demonstrate professional awareness and commitment to a future career in the profession of Midwifery?
  3. You have considered the academic and professional challenges of the course and have a basic understanding of the theoretical experience gained during the course and how that will enable practical experience.
  4. You’ve read all the information on these preparation pages and made a note of any questions that you want to ask at the end of your online interview.

On the day of your online interview

  • You should allow up to 45 minutes for your online interview.
  • Please aim to log onto your device approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your online interview and be ready to join the meeting by clicking the ‘join now’ button approximately 5 minutes before.
  • Your online interview will take place with a member of the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine (FoHSCM) Academic Staff and in some instances the interview panel will consist of a service user or carer or a representative from practice.
  • You will be asked to confirm that you have watched the relevant service user video.
  • You will need your original photographic ID (i.e. current valid passport or photo-card driving licence). This will be checked by your interviewer at the start of your interview. If you do not have suitable ID on the day, you may not be able to take part in the online interview and will have to have your online interview rescheduled for an alternative date.
  • If you have any questions about your ID please contact our Admissions Team via email to [email protected] before your online interview.

Top tip from the selection panel

“We reccomend that you create a distraction free environment and we find that candidates who are dressed in professional attire are in a better headspace for their online interview” – Tracey Barnes (Recruitment and Selection lead)

A student nurse is practicing midwifery on a practice mannequin.

What we’re looking for

The programme you have applied for is regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC set out clear standards of proficiency for those wishing to complete a programme leading to application to join these Registers. The individual online interview will assess your:

  1. Personal, intellectual and presentational qualities suitable for the profession you have applied for.
  2. Values and understanding aligned to the NHS constitution
  3. Teamwork
  4. Respect and dignity
  5. Compassion
  6. Professionalism
  7. Understanding of the challenges of studying at university.
  8. Commitment to developing subject knowledge, skills and understanding through self directed learning, to be able to care for patients or service users.
  9. Commitment to becoming a competent, safe and compassionate health care professional.

Our selection criteria

You’ll be given the opportunity to demonstrate that you have an enthusiasm and motivation for the profession that you have applied for. That you understand the core NHS values (Respect and Dignity, Compassion, Commitment to quality of care, Improving Lives, Working Together, Everyone Counts) and will be able to demonstrate these in professional practice.

1. Academic awareness

Success on this course depends on you being able to commit to the academic and professional challenges required and for this reason you should be able to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the academic rigours of this course and how you will, for example, ensure that competing priorities are managed effectively.

2. Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)

There is a requirement for all successful applicants to provide evidence that those who are entering into their chosen profession meet the appropriate PRSB requirements for safe and effective practice. Therefore, all successful applicants will be asked to declare that they are of ‘good health and good character’. This will be obtained via completion of relevant DBS checks and satisfactory Occupational Health clearance to the programme induction period.

3. Practice Learning Travel

Travel arrangements to and from practice experiences/placements are the sole responsibility of the student. We aim to allocate practice experiences/placements located and accessible within a reasonable timeframe which, under normal travel conditions, may require a journey of up to 2 hours each way from your base of study.

4. Disclosure of previous study on a professional programme or registration with a professional regulatory body

At every interview all candidates will be asked whether they have previously commenced study on a health or social care professional programme or been subject to withdrawal from that programme for any reason. And if they have previously been registered with a health and social care regulatory body such as the NMC, HCPC or other.

Any questions?

We look forward to meeting you for your online interview.

If you have any questions or special requirements that you would like to discuss with us prior to your interview you can contact us.