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Fastrack financial support

The Fastrack programme is offered free of tuition fee charge to applicants from the UK and EU. However, there may be a cost if you are classed as an International student for fees purposes.

If you require childcare and can arrange this through a registered provider whilst on the Fastrack programme, you may be eligible to apply for a contribution towards these costs. Please contact the Money Advice team for information.

For information about fees and funding, please visit the Money Advice web pages.

Financial planning during fastrack

It is a good idea to consider a plan for day to day costs such as food and other living costs for the seven week course and beyond. Visit our website here for budgeting advice.

Funding for your degree

It is important that you apply for the funding for your degree programme as soon as possible. Student Finance. Please do not wait until after you have completed Fastrack to apply.

If you have any further queries about Fastrack funding, please contact the money advice team directly: