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Alumni spotlights

Thank you for your interest in our Alumni community and newsletter. Read more about our successful past students and how their studies have influenced their careers.

Heather Moore

Edge Hill alumna Heather Moore aims to bring joy through her artwork.

Heather Moore graduated from Edge Hill with a BA (Hons) in Primary Education in 2005 followed by an MA in Art Education in 2013 and now runs her own business which specializes in Lino printmaking, inspired by the coast of North East England.

Even though she didn’t go into teaching, Heather still uses lots of the skills from her studies in running the business.

“I lead workshops to children and adults, so my teaching muscles are still being flexed. The critical thinking that I developed as part of my masters comes in handy when looking at strategy and performance analysis for the business. Without doubt though, the sheer level of organisation required to complete the courses and work in education is a quality that is used to organize my life and business. The teaching juggle is massive – there’s so much that people outside of education don’t imagine is part of the job and keeping it all going is a fine art – it is much the same when running a business on your own”.

For those wanting to get into the art industry, Heather has advice.

“First of all, make art that makes you happy. I went through a phase of choosing subjects that I thought were trending. It was fine but my passion didn’t come across to my customers because I wasn’t as excited about it. Now I can’t help but light up when I talk about what I’m creating. Secondly, money is important. Charge your worth. Don’t just pluck a price out of the ether. Consider how much time you spent generating ideas, designing, refining, creating, photographing and marketing you work and build that into the price.”

“My aim is always to create artwork that brings joy to people’s homes and colour plays a huge part in that. To begin with, I made prints of peacocks – they reminded me of time spent at the petting zoo in Walton Hall Gardens when I was little. Now my calm and joy come from walks on the beach. I loved being close to Southport while at university and now I have the beautiful North East coast only 10 minutes’ drive away. My current work celebrates to beauty of the sea and will do for long time to come I suspect”.

Reflecting on her time at Edge Hill, Heather says:

“I made some amazing friends and had some great nights out but the biggy for me was meeting my husband…19 years later, we have been married for 9 years and have a feisty 6-year-old girl.”

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