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Accessibility guidance

The digital content team are responsible for managing the content that appears on this website. Since the launch of the new website, we are also responsible for Editors and Authors and the training they receive to update content.

As part of that responsibility, we have to make sure that the website complies with Government accessibility regulations that apply to all public sector websites.


Following on from those regulations being imposed fairly recently, (23 September 2020) and our changes in content Governance, we now require ALL documents that uploaded to the website to be at least 90% accessible.

This score is given by Blackboard’s Ally – which indicates if the document can be understood by a person using assistive reading technology.  

Quick fixes

Often when a document is flagged as inaccessible by Ally – it is the same reoccurring issues that can be fixed quickly. Understanding what the issues are and why they’re important will mean you can make your documents accessible at the point of creation.

Quick fixes for pdfs

General advice