Our Students

We were delighted to include student participation at this years conference.  On day one we asked for a student from each faculty to ‘show us how they used technology to help them be an effective learner’ and awarded them a prize each for presenting at the conference.

Here are our students and their presentations, they all did us proud!

Claire Sutton, a 3rd year student studying Dip HE in Adult Nursing presented ‘From Acorns to Apples‘.

Claire was chosen as her commitment towards using mobile devices in class has helped shift the mind set from the notion that the use of devices in class is a distraction to an interest in learning how to use social media in order to take advantage of the possibilities and potential they offer students for learning purposes.

See Claire on YouTube >>>


Pat Link, a 3rd year student studying BSc (Hons) Design & Technology Secondary Education with QTS presented ‘Never Knew something Was Wrong‘.

Pat was chosen as a winner as he has used IT to develop his skills and learning.

See Pat on YouTube >>>




Darryl Bayliss, a 3rd year Computing (Software & Systems) student presented ‘Coding Is Hard‘.

Darryl was chosen as he not only used IT to create a tool to aid his own learning but also the learning of his peers.  He has created a programming compiler that simplifies the process of computer programming.

See Darryl on YouTube >>>


On day two, we invited our Students Union President, Colin Gibson, to close the conference with the findings from a student survey on ‘The Best Things My Lecturers Do‘.

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