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Minor Works Request

There is now an online system to submit Minor Works requests. This system is intended to assist all University Staff in putting together business cases for any Minor Works requirements for consideration by, departments, Facilities Management and Directorate.

All works that result in changes to building services or infrastructure must be approved through the submission of a completed Online Minor Works Request form.

What are Minor Works?

  • Any building project under £150K that will upgrade or improve the functional suitability of a facility or space. They include refurbishments, adaptations, reconfigurations, purchase & replacement of carpets, furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • Prioritisation of works will be focused on areas which improve space ‘for the majority rather than the minority’ with a particular focus on enhancement of the learner’s experience.

Property Services Department within the Facilities Management will be able to assist, procure and deliver the project on behalf of the Department or Faculty.

Property Services Department involvement in minor works projects is essential as it enables the University to ensure that the following issues are managed effectively:

  • Health and Safety
  •  Statutory compliance (e.g. Equality Act, Fire regulations, Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM).
  • Changes to the University infrastructure.
  • University Strategy / Masterplanning/ Space Planning.
  • Value for money.
  • Time constraints (works may only be able to be undertaken at certain times of the year due to examinations, conferences).
  • Quality control.


Stage Description
1 Applicant – Completes section A and submits to Line Manager. (Information required will include proposed works detail, timescales, location, any specialist fit out).
2 Line  Manager – Approves/Rejects – with a brief recommendation in alignment with functional priorities and submits to Dean/HoD/Director.
3 Dean/HoD/Director – Approves/Rejects – with a brief recommendation in alignment with Departmental strategic objectives and submits to Property Services.
4 Property Services assigns an order of costs, feasibility and consensus with other departments and submits to Head of Estates Management.
5 Director/Deputy of Facilities – Approves/Rejects – with a brief recommendation in alignment to Estates Strategy and submits to Directorate.
6 Directorate – Approves/Rejects subject to cost/benefit analysis/ EHU Mission, Vision, Values.
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