Angel Tan

Angel Tan


Supervisors Contact Details
Dr Themis Karaminis
Prof Rod Nicolson
Ms Jean Davies
Department of Psychology
Edge Hill University
L39 4QP
Email: Angel Tan
Office: LP 2.58


Research Interests

Fluency is an indicator of mastery and also a pre-requisite to proceed to a higher level skill training. My PhD focuses on examining the effectiveness of Precision Teaching as a student-led learning measurement tool to enhance fluency in learning at Higher Education level. Additional research areas include progressive peer coaching, Bloom’s Taxonomy and critical thinking.

Research Activities


Spiridon, E., Davies, J., Kaye, L. K., Nicolson, R. I., Tang, B. W. X., Tan, A. J. Y., & Ransom, H. J. (in press). Exploring the impact of group identity at university on psychological and behavioural outcomes. Journal of Further and Higher Education

Spiridon, E., Kaye, L. K., Nicolson, R. I., Ransom, H. J., Tan, A. J. Y., & Tang, B. W. X. (2020). Integrated Learning Communities as a peer support initiative for first year university students. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 50 (7), 394-405

Yee, A., Loh, H. S., Tan J. T., Tan, A., & How, M. Y. (2017). Methadone maintenance therapy users’ knowledge of, and attitudes towards methadone maintenance therapy: A meta-analysis. Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems, 19 (3), 21-36.


Tan, A. (2017). Well-being and motivation among undergraduate students. Oral presentation at British Psychological Society Welsh Branch Undergraduate Conference, Bangor, Wales.

Tan, A. (2018). Using Precision Teaching and SAFMEDS to improve staff proficiency in signing. Oral presentation at School of Psychology Master in Applied Behaviour Analysis Free Open Conference, Bangor, Wales.


PhD studentship (2018-2021) awarded by Edge Hill University

Bangor Employability Award (2017) awarded by Bangor University

Bangor PGT Achievement Scholarship (2017) awarded by Bangor University

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