During my three years here I’ve been on lots of field trips to a whole range of different places.

“I decided to study at Edge Hill University because I felt more at home here than at other universities and Geography is a subject that I have always enjoyed and found really interesting.

During my three years I’ve been on lots of field trips to a whole range of different places, which has definitely been a highlight for me. These have included Liverpool to study urban development, the Sefton coast where we examined the process and development of coastal areas, the Lake District which involved looking at a range of human and physical geography themes, and Mallorca, where we researched many aspects of physical geography. Although this was challenging it was really enjoyable to work throughout the day and then go into Magaluf for the occasional night out!

All of the field trips, which are spread throughout the course, have been unbelievably useful and highly significant to the Geography course. They provide students with a wider knowledge and understanding of the environments they study in the classroom, enabling you to put theory into practice. These personal experiences also help you to develop your problem-solving, communication and, in particular, team working abilities.

As a result I believe I have become much more confident in oral and written communication and have really improved my analytical and organisational skills, which I believe will help me in achieving my future goals as it is these kinds of attributes that employers are looking for.

Once I graduate I’m hoping to begin a career in the energy and utilities sector, as well as see more of the world and further develop my knowledge of Geography.”

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