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Tegan McMahon

BA (Hons) Media, Film and Television

Headshot of Tegan McMahon.

I enjoy both the theory and practical elements of my course. I love learning about the media industry, but I also love being creative.

I post a lot of photography on Instagram. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and after studying media at school and in sixth form, I wanted to take my studies that little bit further. I’ve developed my photo editing skills on my degree with Adobe Lightroom. This will be useful if I want to turn a hobby into a career.

I immediately loved the Edge Hill campus. The BA (Hons) in Media, Film and Television seemed to offer a lot more than other universities did. I liked how three of my interests were combined. We study things such as representations of different cultures, different contexts associated with media, audiences, how to look at media critically. The media production and short film production modules were fun. If I could I’d have taken more modules that gave students the opportunity to play around with media equipment.

I did a work placement in digital marketing. I produced a newsletter, sent out by the company. And I created a website for a journalism module last year. It included film reviews and a podcast reviewing TV shows. I was really happy with the work I produced.

I enjoy both the theory and practical elements of my course.  I’m a member of the film society, and I love learning about the media industry, but I also love being creative.

I’d like to travel as much as possible, and I’d love to visit the Maldives. Once I have a job, I’m not sure how long it will be until I have a nice long summer again.

My advice to someone considering a media, film or tv degree at Edge Hill? Go for it if you’re someone who enjoys being creative.

I’m currently listening to ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus. She’s such a legend for releasing this song on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. I’m currently binge-watching Modern Family to a friend – I’d definitely recommend it.

I love listening to my vinyl when I’m at home. And I went to Germany to see [producer and DJ] Alan Walker for my 21st. But I’m Spotify through and through when I’m in Ormskirk – especially throwback bangers from the 00s.

I loved meeting new people in halls. Some of them have become lifelong friends. There’s a great community feeling on campus, everyone feels welcome. The worst part of living away from home is having to do my own food shopping because I’m terrible at coming up with different meals every day. I’m so basic, but at the moment I’m loving katsu curry.

I love a pornstar martini. I only really drink water if I’m not drinking alcohol, but if it’s alcohol I’m drinking, I can grab a pornstar martini at my favourite place on campus, the SU. And my night-outs in [legendary Ormskirk bar] Styles have been boss.