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Samantha Houghton

SL in Nurse Education

Nursing & Midwifery

Department: Nursing & Midwifery

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I am a senior Lecturer in nurse education at Edgehill University, UK. I have been involved with the nursing profession for 31 years, my professional background includes Adult Nursing, working in the NHS for 25 years as a nurse in surgical departments. In 2000 I took the role as nurse practitioner in ophthamology and was one of the first to introduce nurse led clinics in the UK. After graduating with BA (Hons) in Health Care Practice at Liverpool John Moores University in 2006, my interest in education continued with further completion of Non-Medical Prescribing for Nurses in 2008. I am recorded as a registered nurse, specialist practitioner, non-medical prescriber and nurse teacher with the Nursing Midwifery Council. Completing PGCE in Teaching and Learning for Professional Practicein 2013 enabled me to undertake the role as Lecturer/Practitioner at the University of Central Lancashire. Subsequently, this encouraged me into full-time academic as a  Lecturer & Senior Lecturer  and programme leader at University of Bolton 2017-2021. I completed my MSc in Health & Social Care which provided the platform to advance in teaching and research with a focused interest in nursing professional competence and skill attainment. I am a fellow of the Higher Education academy (Advance HE) since 2018. My current Doctoral Studies in Health & Social Care advances my current research study into Peer coaching in Nurse education: A phenomenological exploration of how we prepare  undergraduate nursing students for practice supervision. I am passionate that pre-registration nurses work collaborately with their peers in a high quality learning environments, which will enable them to acquire skills and knowledge to improve competence and confidence as their enter the nursing world as a registrant.