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Robert Saunders

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

It sounds a cliché but studying abroad changes you a lot.

I would absolutely recommend this degree because across the course, the department and the University as a whole there is so much to get involved in and so many opportunities to seize. Edge Hill will really change you as a person.

Initially I was considering a different degree but chose Early Childhood Studies because it matched my expertise and I liked how the lecturers could discuss their own work rather than  referring to someone else’s textbooks. I was also really impressed by Edge Hill’s campus, with everything in one place, among nature and chilled.

One of the great aspects of the course are the field trips which really help you put the theory of the subjects into context. Thanks to the University’s Student Opportunity Fund I was also able to attend a summer school at the University of Amsterdam where I spent three amazing weeks thinking about how people interact with public spaces.

Working with the city council and local businesses, my group researched the possibilities for signposting in an under-developed street. The council was very impressed with our findings and one day I hope to walk down that street, see a public sign, and say ‘Aha! That’s mine!’

It sounds a cliché but studying abroad changes you a lot. It enables you to do things you hadn’t imagined and to make friends with people you would never usually come across. You develop work and social skills that you didn’t think you had.

The entire experience on this degree has really built my confidence. The work-based learning module has encouraged me to think of myself as an expert in my field and know that I’m knowledgeable, capable and equipped to take an early years position with a regulator once I graduate. I’m ready to challenge the machine.”

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