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Morven Mitchell

Senior Lecturer in Nurse Education

Nursing & Midwifery

Department: Nursing & Midwifery

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I am a Registered Nurse (Adult) and a Senior Lecturer in Nurse Education. I am Year of Study Lead for the NUR3000 September Cohorts which is part of Year 3 of the BSc Pre-Registration Nursing Programmes. The Year of Study role is quite varied where you have the responsibility of co-ordinating the smooth running of the student’s timetable, assessments, marking, queries, concerns, and complaints. My clinical background includes working as a newly qualified nurse on the Staff Nurse Development Programme: six months on a medical ward, six months on a surgical ward and then six months in a specialist area Intensive Care. Eventually, I was promoted to a Senior Nurse Position in Critical Care and remained there for 16 years. The Critical Care that I worked in had the following areas: Intensive Care Nursing, High Dependency Nursing and Coronary Care Nursing. I later worked as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse for 6 years before starting a new career in Higher Education at Edge Hill University.

Research Interests

Areas of Interest: The Role of the Personal Tutor in Nurse Education Programmes and Health Behaviours in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease.

I have recently become a member of the Edge Hill University Cardio Respiratory Research Centre (CRRC) and it is my ambition to make some connections and become an active member in research projects.


I am a member of the NUR3000 Team who teach and assess Year 3 BSc Pre-Registration Nursing students- Preparing for the Role of the Registered Nurse.

When I started at Edge Hill University I was involved in the creation of writing the content for Year 3 following the mapping process. I developed the following Learning Episodes: –

Health Behaviours and Behaviour Change

Accessibility of Information

Developing Improvement Strategies

Commonly Encountered Physical Health Conditions

Knowledge Underpinning First Aid Procedures and Basic Life Support

In my role I am also involved in teaching and facilitating Field Sessions for our students covering a variety of subjects.

This role requires you to be knowledgeable in all aspects of Nursing and have the ability to adapt to various different topics as required. I have also taught on other programmes such as the RNDA programme where there are less students – this has given me the experience of teaching large groups in the BSc Nursing Programme 400 + and then the RNDA and 2012 BSc Programme where the numbers are much lower (20-25 students). This has allowed me to develop and enhance my teaching skills. 

I am Verbal Assessment Lead – with some support from some senior colleagues it has become a very successful assessment with high pass rate. I have also recieved great feedback from the students, staff and external examiners.

I am a Personal Tutor this is an extremely challeging and rewarding role due to the number of students we have in our Nursing Programme cohorts you often have a large number of Personal Students assigned to you compared to other disciplines. 

I am an Academic Assessor for Year 3 this is a very pressured role at this point as you are signing off students and stating that they are competent and ready to apply for their PIN. It requires thorough attention to detail when reviewing their PAD/PARE Documents.

I am a member of the Personal Tutor Development group.

I am Co-Lead for the Coaching Strategy for the Nursing Department- this involves introducing / providing a refresher for staff who are already use coaching conversations in their role. We are looking to embed some coaching conversation into the timetabled PT sessions and we have built some pre-prepared sessions to support the PTs. We have also created a Teams tile/repository so that staff can find resources for coaching more easily. 

I feel very lucky to be involved in the EHU / LHCH Partnership by supporting the Lead with a number of recent projects that are taking place- this includes the process of validating a Heart failure Module and MSc in Cardiothoracic Practice.

I moderate a number of LHCH Partnership modules.