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Moreblessing Ngwenya

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Business School

Department: Business School

Telephone: 01695 657669

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Dr Moreblessing Ngwenya joined Edge Hill University in February 2023 as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting. Prior to that, she was a lecturer in Botswana, a position she held for 15 years. Before becoming a lecturer, Mo worked as an accountant as she is also a qualified accountant (ACCA).

Research Interests

Mo is a dedicated researcher with a profound interest in personal finance. Her research agenda revolves around understanding and improving the financial well-being of individuals across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. She is work is driven by a passion for empowering people to make informed and effective financial decisions, thereby fostering greater economic stability and security.

Furthermore, Mo is committed to addressing issues of financial inclusion and diversity. She examines barriers that hinder certain populations from accessing financial services, working towards solutions that promote inclusivity and equality in financial opportunities.

Through her research, Mo aims to bridge the gap between academic insights and practical applications, contributing valuable knowledge to the field of personal finance and ultimately improving the financial well-being of individuals and communities.


Dr. Mo, an accomplished accounting lecturer, possesses a wealth of international experience, infusing a global perspective into her teaching. As a year head and personal tutor, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic and personal growth of her students. With a diverse skill set, she employs innovative teaching methods, incorporating real-world case studies and cutting-edge technology to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

In her capacity as a personal tutor, Mo provides individualised mentorship, guiding students not only in academic matters but also in their overall development. Her commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals extends beyond the classroom, ensuring that students are equipped with both technical skills and the resilience required for success in their accounting careers.

Mo places a strong emphasis on employability, embedding it into her teaching approach. Through interactive case studies, industry collaborations, and networking opportunities, she equips her students with the practical skills and insights necessary for success in the professional realm.