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Dr Marcio Pie

Senior Lecturer in Ecology




Marcio R. Pie 

Senior Lecturer in Ecology 

Programme Lead of the MSc Environmental Management

Email address: [email protected] 




I received a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brazil), a M.Sc. in Ecology from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil), and a Ph.D. in Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution from Boston University (USA). I was an Associate Professor in Zoology at the Universidade Federal do Paraná before joining the Department of Biology at Edge Hill University in 2022. 


Research interests 

The main focus of my research group is to understand the that generate and maintain biological diversity. This is achieved through a combination of a variety of methodological and conceptual tools, from evolutionary macroecology and organismal biology to the use of genomic tools to understand species relationships and their adaptations. A few examples of recent publications are provided below. 


Recent publications 

Essner, R.L., Pereira, R.E.E., Blackburn, D.C., Singh, A.L., Stanley, E.L., Moura, M.O., Confetti, A.E., Pie, M.R. 2022. Semicircular canal size constrains vestibular function in miniaturized frogs. Science Advances 8, eabn1104 [The Atlantic] [Gizmodo] [New Scientist] [Smithsonian Magazine] [CBC][MSN][Science News][Discover]

Ellepola, G.,  Pie, M.R.,  Pethiyagoda, R.,  Hanken, J.,  Meegaskumbura, M. 2022. The role of climate and islands in species diversification and reproductive-mode evolution of Old-World tree frogs. Nature Communications Biology 5: 347. 

Meyer, A.S.L. & Pie, M.R. 2022. Climate change estimates surpass rates of climatic niche evolution in Primates. International Journal of Primatology 43: 40–56. 

Pie, M.R., Divieso, R., Caron, F.S., Siqueira, A.C., Barneche, D.R., Luiz, O.J. The evolution of latitudinal range limits in tropical reef fishes: heritability, limits, and inverse Rapoport’s rule. Journal of Biogeography. 48: 2121-2132. [Editor’s choice. Blog post at J. Biogeogr.] 

Pie, M.R., Divieso, R., Caron, F.S. The evolution of climatic niche breadth in terrestrial vertebrates. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 59: 1155-1166. [Editor’s choice] 

Ting-Ru Mao, Ye-Wei Liu, Madhava Meegaskumbura, Jian Yang, Gajaba Ellepola, Gayani Senevirathne, Cheng-Hai Fu, Joshua B. Gross, Marcio R. Pie, 2021. Evolution in Sinocyclocheilus cavefish is marked by rate shifts, reversals and origin of novel traits. BMC Ecology and Evolution 21: 45. 


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