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Louise Masterson

Lecturer in Early Years Education

Early Years Education

Department: Early Years Education

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I began my career in the field of media and communication working for the BBC in London for two years followed by a period of time living out in Los Angeles. Upon my return I was employed as a Communications Officer by Merseyside Police where I spent fifteen years. In my late thirties I decided to retrain to become an Early Years Teacher, this led on to me running my own preschool and eventually joining the Faculty of Education at Edge Hill University in 2008. I am currently in the fourth year of my doctorate which I am studying with the University of Sheffield. The title of my thesis is “Lock them up, keep them at bay. The cruel consequence of the corona curse on intergenerational practice.”

Research Interests

In 2019 I conducted a small scale research project which was presented at the University of Verona “The Impact of the Bologna Process on Inclusive Practice at the University of Verona.” I was also able to engage in international professional networking when I attended the International Perspectives on Education Policy (IPEP) Winter School after being funded as one of two UK representatives by the ESRC.

In 2009, I conducted a small scale research project with the Police Nationale in Paris which was presented to Merseyside Police Senior Officers “How early education impacts on crime management strategies” this was funded by The Leonardo da Vinci Programme promoting European cooperation in the field of occupational education.


I currently teach across a number of programmes within the Early Years department at the Faculty of Education – my focus for this year is the Foundation Degree in Early Years and the BA (Hons) Early Years Leadership and Education. I keep my practice current in my capacity as a Link Tutor visiting PGCE and UG QTS students who are out on professional practice in schools and settings throughout the North West.